Mandatory Entry Requirements & Aruba Travel Restrictions due to COVID-19🦠

Three possible test procedure options are available depending on your place of residence:

Option 1: Take a test prior to arrival 
Option 2: Only take a test upon arrival in Aruba (no other test results uploaded prior to travel)
Option 3: Dual testing process -Testing prior to travel and a mandatory Molecular PCR test at the airport in Aruba

IMPORTANT:  Option 2 is not available to residents of the following high-risk US States:
Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

If you are from one of the above states,

Option 3 is your ONLY choice. Visitors will be required to be in mandatory quarantine at their hotel or booked place of stay.  The quarantine will be up to 24 hours, and the Aruba Department of Health will make every effort to have results in 6-8 hours, in order to minimize the visitors’ time in quarantine.

At Aruba Airport When Arriving

Residents of all other US States that are not on the high-risk list and countries with whom Aruba’s borders are open are strongly recommended to choose test Option 1 or if unable to get tested prior to travel to Aruba then Option 2 is available. The cost of Option 2 – the PCR test taken in Aruba – is US$75 per person and needs to be pre-paid as part of the online ED card process. Children 14 and under are not required to take the PCR test.

✈️Tests must be taken 72 hours prior to departure (or closer to departure) and the results need to be uploaded no later than 12 hours prior to departure to Aruba. Any tests and results executed 72 hours prior to departure to Aruba will not be valid. I got my test done on Saturday and got the results an hour before landing in Aruba! It was a little risky but I figured my worst case would be taking the test provided at the airport in Aruba and quarantine.

Aruba also requires travelers to be insured. This insurance is mandatory for all visitors and must be purchased in advance of travel as part of the online ED Card process. One’s own travel insurance can be supplementary to the Aruba Visitors Insurance but cannot replace it. Premiums are per person and depend on one’s age and length of stay. After buying their insurance and the completing the ED Card process there are two possible responses to your online application:

 Qualified: You are qualified to travel to Aruba. The system displays confirmation of the application approval, which you will receive by email
 Denied: You are not qualified to travel to Aruba.

Happy to report that I got Qualified! Make sure to keep a printed or mobile copy ready, many hotels ask you to present your negative Covid results/the ED card. Our hotel even asked guests to submit to temperature checks at the spa and gym.

Please visit @arubatourism for more details.

Test and quarantine post-trip – Whether required or not it is the responsible thing to do💛


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